Faculty of Biology and Chemistry

The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry was established in 1997 as a result of the division of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Currently, the faculty consists of two institutes: Institute of Biology and Institute of Chemistry, within which are individual departments. Faculty of Biology and Chemistry is located in one of the most modern and well-equipped academic campus in Poland in terms of its scientific and didactic facilities. Near our Faculty are located other University Faculties as Physics, and Mathematics and Informatics.

Our Faculty is the only one in Poland linking biology and chemistry units together with over 171 academic staff carrying out work. Our scientists are committed to interdisciplinary biological and chemical researches that makes a real impact in projects, scientific publications and working on specialized equipment. The importance of the Faculty’s research is exemplified by our industrial collaborations. We offer the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral studies programmes in a broad-based teaching. We also offer different options of specialisation across the disciplines of biology, chemistry, environmental protection, and eco-business, while graduates can take advantage of a supportive and stimulating research environment. More than 700 students are supported and inspired  to research.

The Faculty conducts the habilitation proceedings in biological sciences within the discipline of biology (from 2010 year) and in the field of chemical sciences within the discipline of chemistry (from 2014 year).



Institute of Biology                                                                          Institute of Chemistry


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